Tag: Games

Garden Witch Life

08 Dec 2022

A cute game about a small witch in a big tree house.

Masks of Power

10 Aug 2021

Masks of Power is a fan-made open-world adventure.

Time Transit VR

26 Feb 2019

Experience dinosaurs close up in VR.


05 May 2014

A programming excercise based on a lovely boardgame.

Space RTS Prototype

12 Jan 2013

RTS prototype involving moving with the planetary bodies in the solar system.


05 Jul 2010

A racing game with an upside down twist.

Aquatic Atmosfear

09 Jan 2007

Aquatic Atmosfear was an attempt to remake Ubisoft’s Sub Culture.

Dexterity Ball

22 Sep 2006

You have to navigate your marble to the goal.

Boat Fighter

06 May 2005

One of my first games.