Editor Simulated Platform

06 Jan 2024

Preview Common UI for different platforms in editor.

Adventures in Localization

19 Dec 2023

Ups and downs trying to get Garden Witch Life localized

Compile with ALL the cores

18 Jul 2023

Use more cores to compile

Garden Witch Life

08 Dec 2022

A cute game about a small witch in a big tree house.

Butterfly Particles

23 Nov 2021

Eleven Butterflies for swarms and single instances.

Masks of Power

10 Aug 2021

Masks of Power is a fan-made open-world adventure.

Stalactites Cave Kit

02 Nov 2019

Stalactites, Stalagmites, Pillars, Columns, Flowstone and Rimstone pools

Asteroid Field

20 May 2019

30 high quality asteroids to fill your space scene!

Time Transit VR

26 Feb 2019

Experience dinosaurs close up in VR.

Scan FX Pack

13 Apr 2017

This pack delivers a lot of scanning effects in the form of laser rays, planes and grids and x-rays.

UE4 Adventure Kit

10 Feb 2016

The Adventure Kit is a C++ plugin that includes gameplay elements which can be used as a basis for a variety of games.


05 May 2014

A programming excercise based on a lovely boardgame.

Quicktips [UDK]

14 Apr 2014

Quicktips are about handy unkown features.

Spline Tutorial [UDK]

13 Apr 2014

This tutorial series covers Spline Actors in the Unreal Development Kit.


13 Apr 2014

Using sound class modulation to simulate vacuum effects.

UE4 Cloaking Effect

30 Mar 2014

A cloak effect created by swapping and controlling Material Instances from code.

LEGO® Slammer Raptor

17 Jan 2014

Learning Unreal Engine 4

UDK Adventure Kit

24 Sep 2013

The Adventure Kit is a package that includes assets which can be used to create Action Adventure Games with the UDK.

Navmesh Pathfinding

04 Sep 2013

I created a custom navigation mesh pathfinding that can handle huge amounts of units almost simultaneously.


20 Jun 2013

Another exercise project: A collection of spline functions for Unity.

Bionicle® Mask Mechanics

20 Feb 2013

Mask gameplay mechanics in UDK.

Space RTS Prototype

12 Jan 2013

RTS prototype involving moving with the planetary bodies in the solar system.

Earth Screensaver

21 Oct 2012

A 3D Screensaver which lets you fly around the Earth.

QTE Starterkit

11 Oct 2012

Small pack to handle most common quick time event cases.

Machinima – The Arrival

11 Sep 2011

This is a fan made machinima. Over the last months I have been learning how to use UDK and made this realtime cinematic.

<p><i class='bi bi-calendar-week'></i> 21 Aug 2011</p><p>After switching to UDK I recreated my <a href=old effect with updated graphics.


UDK Shield Effect

21 Aug 2011

After switching to UDK I recreated my old effect with updated graphics.


05 Jul 2010

A racing game with an upside down twist.

LEGO® Slizers

04 Jul 2010

All 8 slizers, modeled and rendered in Blender 3D.

Realtime Reel

12 Jun 2010

Various recordings from games that were created over the years. Most of them have never been finished or in any way published.

Shield Effect

23 May 2010

An effect for the Irrlicht 3d engine.

Artwork Reel 2010

09 Feb 2010

My work of 2010 and earlier.

Ice Slizer Ski

25 Oct 2009

One scene, rendered in final quality, of a short movie that I never finished.

Blood Screensaver

22 Jan 2008

A Screensaver showing the bloodflow in an artery.

Aquatic Atmosfear

09 Jan 2007

Aquatic Atmosfear was an attempt to remake Ubisoft’s Sub Culture.


26 Oct 2006

Enti-Gotchi is a little game where you have to feed duck-like animals. Who is Enti? It was the toy-pet of my sister and I created this game as a birthday present.

Dexterity Ball

22 Sep 2006

You have to navigate your marble to the goal.

Boat Fighter

06 May 2005

One of my first games.

Artwork Reel 2005

07 Apr 2005

A very old reel from 2005 and earlier.