Tortuga is a board game by Vincent Everaert:
My cousin got it for easter and we played it a lot. I created an online version to learn Unity (made this a while back) and to keep playing.

I used a lot of third party assets:

Space RTS Prototype

This is a rapid prototype of a project that has been canceled. The idea is to build stations around planet’s in a solar system. Each planet has an orbit where the ships can travel within. Interplanetary transit takes up a ship’s energy which is also used to fire and can only be restored in orbits or carriers. That way one has to wait for two planets to come close to each other before attacking.

Music is from The Hamster Alliance: “Pop Song” and “The Reapers”

and textures from

Skybox is a sample from spacescape

and a lot of assets are from udk and the udk rts starterkit


Magnon was a racing game where the cars could drive upside down and the race tracks would be confusing and twisted. The development blog is still available here.

Boat Fighter

One of my first games. Play a match with a friend and destroy his boat. Two player can play on one computer or you can fight against an AI-controled enemy. The players must collect power-ups which include rockets, saw blades, shields, zero-g fields and more.